Friday, 13 March 2009

Trip To The Dentist

On thursday when I got up seeem know different to any other day but I'm telling you it was everyone's worse nightmare. A trip to the dentist I have to tell you if I could got out of going I would have done the time to go to the dentist was 16:45. And as the time came closer I was worried i needed someone to hold my hand. I sat in the dentist chair and open my mouth and I must say my indian dentist was very good. She looked in my mouth and said I only needed a filling not too much to worry about but after she done the filling it did not take me long to leave the dentist. I must say she'd done a very good job now I'm happy don't have to go for six months fingers crossed.

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Tulip said...

good you have done your appointment to the dentist, I've done mine last year. I've spent so much money but it's worth it.