Saturday, 28 February 2009

A Night Out

I'm not much of going out. I spend most of my time chatting to my girlfriend in the philippines. So when I had a chance to go out with my footballing friends I jumped at it. We all met at a pub called the coach and horses. There was about Nine of us, I did not drink much because too much drink is bad for the health. But we all sat down to a wonderful meal everyone had something different. I had spaghetti bolognese I really enjoyed it with cheese on top. After the meal we all sat down in the corner and of course talked about football.

Someone You Want But Can't Reach

Have you ever wondered what it is like to want someone so much but can't reach this person yet. Well this is happening to me there is this girl who's 31 lives in the philippines. I have known this girl now for about eight months. We chat everyday we say we love each other everyday and I text her and call her she tells me she loves me. The problem is I live in UK and she lives in the philippines. That's about 8000 miles away although we can see each other on web cam it's not the same we both want to hold each other. I do hope no one else has this problem. This girl knows who she is.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Feeling Ill

Over the last few days I've not been feeling too well. It must have been something I have eaten. I was up most of the night, I could not go online to chat to my friends. I did not fill up to it the thing, I missed the most my dear friend over the internet. She's been a rock to me over the last seven months or so and like a true friend she called me and texted me to tell me how worried she was and was thinking of me all the time. It's great to have friends as good as her around. Thank you and I feel a lot better now.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Hospital Cup

Last night I attended the hospital cup. Its a competition played against all the big local team. As the name says it's there to help the local hospital. We had a good turn out and the game was played in the right spirit. We had a raffle that make a good amount as well but there was one thing I thought sums up the day. The man won but he gave his prize to the hospital. There's still kind heats out there.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

My Football Team

I'd like to tell you about the love of my life is salisbury football team. We play in the 5th highest football league in england called the blue square premier at the moment. We are near the bottom of that league so tuesday night's game was what we called at six pointers. My team played very well with the other team going close to scoring a number of times. It's not good for the heart but with great joy and a little luck we won the game 1-0. I was so happy when leaving the ground because that win moves us up the table at bit. (",)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Every thursday or friday I go shopping and I've noticed how much shopping has cost over the last year. And how much its gone up I get less in my tally this year than I did last year. I know I'm very lucky I live in england and get most things I want. When I go to the supermarket it makes me grateful to be able to buy what I want when all over the world there's people starving.

Monday, 16 February 2009

the internet

I have now been surfing the internet for about 5 years. I'm 53 and like many people at my age have found it hard to get used to using it. But over the years have picked up tips. And now get by with the basics you can lean so much and have found out so much even things I did not know anything about. I store pictures of my family on here its like a big album. The internet is such a wonderful thing that even families who live far apart can see and talk to each other as if there in the room next door. I do understand there are people who use the internet for there evil ways but as a whole I found and made so many friends on here. I like to tell you there's one friend I made online who is very special to me. We are very close and share most things when possible. She lives in the other part of the world that is not the richies. But whenever I needed help online or anything else she's always there. So to this person who knows this, thank you for everything you've done for me. God bless.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Holly's birthday

This is my daughter who just turned 18 last friday the 13th, that's right friday the 13th. We all went out as a family to have a meal at a place called the harvester. My son and his girlfriend and holly and her boyfriend between us we had chicken and fish with a salad. I can't believe holly is now 18. It only seem no time ago she was my baby, it just shows how fast they grow up. Happy birthday angel!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Day at hospital

Hello my friends in blog. It's wednesday today and that means another trip to the hospital for my physical therapy. I have to go two times today unlike last week where it was so cold and snowy. Today it's dry and very bright but still a bit cold. The hospital where I go is very big and its a long walk from where I park the car to the physical therapy unit. The session last just over an hour and as I'm one of the older ones, it sure does make me tired but I know I need to do this to get my knee back to full straight. There are over ten different execises to do and am very glad when it finishes.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Today I will show you a picture of a winter scene that you will see all over UK. It shows how cold and frosty morning. There's no snow although we had a bit over the last week. What you can see is the morning mist. I think this is a quiet and peaceful place somewhere when I'm older I could retire to.

Monday, 9 February 2009

My Sick Cat

You would not think that 24 hours ago this is the same cat. He was so sick being a male cat who's name is spice always seems to get into a fight with other cats. He won't back down he had a large lump by his mouth that was infected so even on sunday we took him to the veterinarian. The veterinarian was so good and kind and looked after our cat as if he was his own. So our family would like to thank this veterinarian for the time he gave on sunday to look after spice.

Birthday Girl

Hi everyone just a short blog to say a very happy birthday to a very special young lady name mymy ibanez, who lives in davao city philippines. Mymy I do hope you have a wonderful time good luck and God bless always.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Feeling Down

I want people to know if things get bad there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. I've been off from work now for over seven months with a bad knee. And for the first time in my life I can't have things I always wanted. It's now I open my eyes how lucky I have been. I do understand there's lots of people around the world who are 100% worse off than I am. I'm lucky I live in england and have friends and family around but there's one special person who I won't say her name but lives in the philippines whom, over the last seven months or so has been a rock in my life. I know this person has not had everything she has wanted but still had time to talk to me and cheer me up. So to this person, thank you very much and if ever this person wanted me around she knows where I am.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Football game was cancelled

After a long week at work I do enjoy my weekend break. I love my sport especially football. So after I heard that the weather was so bad the game I love was called off all because of the snow. The football club did ask for volunters to help them clear the pitch but with the amount of snow that fell we fought a losing battle. It's not very often the game is called off because of snow so I now have to do another long week at work. I hope next week's game can go ahead as you can see from the picture how much snow fell near the ground. Grrrr Happy weekend.

my football club

I'd like to tell everyone about the love of my life its football club. It's not your man utd or liverpool but its salisbury city. We play our football in the blue square premier league. We dont get big crowds only about 1000 to 1500 but its a family club, and people are very friendy and mostly happy even more when we win. We try and get the children in for free, so they keep it a family atmosphere. We also try to encourange someone in every home game to dress up as panda and give sweets to the children so they can keep your man utds and liverpool. I sooner be watching salisbury game. Hope we will win.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

my old school

The other day I was driving close to my very first school way back in 1960's, that tells you how old I am. hehehe I can remember the old classrooms were very cold. I can also remember the toilets were outside and always used to freeze in the winter. I always had a lot of fun and at the bottom of the playing field was a railway track. And when the stream train came out the tunnel it was a race to see who could see it first. What a great times, we had so much fun. Those were the days when I was young and so free.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snowy Day

I live in the south of england we have the gulf stream that runs down the west side of our county which gives us alot of rain mostly in the winter. So it was a great suprise when i woke up to see all the snow. It did not seem alot but it was enough to shut down schools and some shops and factories with the schools closing. It made a fun day for all the children it does look very pretty but makes driving very difficult. I've taken a few pictures and i hope you like them.

written from my heart

I don't know where to start this blog but the person who will read this first will know its written for her. I want to tell you about this very pretty, beautiful and inteligent young lady she will be 31st on the 9th of february. So I want to be the first to wish her a happy birthday. I want to tell her there been times I said things to her and been unfair to her. I have many times I don't understand her. I should not ever think of myself but more of what she wanted. This beautiful young lady has been kind and helped me over these 6 months or more. I want to say to her I'm very sorry and I hope in her heart she can forgive me. I hope we can be close friends for many years to come and I won't tell you where she is from or her name but she knows who she is. I will give the people who read this a little clue from where she is from I want her to know that. Again, advance happy birthday!!!